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Special Purpose Precision Rifle – Class Full

June 9 @ 4:30 pm - June 10 @ 5:00 pm


Freedom Defense Training, LLC’s Special Purpose Rifle course takes the advantages of modern fighting rifles and pushes the envelope on their capability. Shooters will be introduced to subjects such as basic external ballistics, wind reading, unknown distance ranging, and heavily versed in alternate shooting positions.​ Students will engage targets while both stationary and on the move utilizing known gun data to rapidly and effectively engage targets at known and unknown distances.​ Shooters will be challenged, but obtain the knowledge to engage multiple targets from varying positions and at distances out to 500 yards while still performing basic tasks well. We will start Friday evening in the Armed Texans Classroom to cover theory and pass the information needed to be successful during the following days exercises. Range day, we will move quickly through subjects, but we will hit them all from a practical and applicable point of view so that you take the most back with you to perfect as you train further in these new skills.

Subjects Covered :

-Equipment selection

-Rifle setup

-Weapons handling and Fundamentals of marksmanship

-Intro to the “Shooters Checklist” and how it is used


-Multiple target engagements

-Alternate shooting positions – Supported/unsupported, organic/non organic

-Data collection 100-500 yards

-Introduction to basic rifle ballistics

-Introduction to wind reading


-Eye Protection / Ear Protection

​ -Special Purpose Rifle or Match Grade Carbine​ (No barrels shorter than 11.5”), Capable of 2 MOA or Better / .223 Minimum Caliber (2 magazines min.)

-200rds of ammunition, match grade preferred and heaviest common grain paired for your twist (email with questions) (m193 will work but will make your work more frustrating)

-Variable Optic with Elevation and Windage Adjustments Or calibrated BDC (bring reticle manual for BDC), 6X Minimum Magnification (Mil Based Reticle Preferred but not required)

-Recommend BUIS or equipped with off-set RDS (offset or piggy back RDS preferred)

-Bipod, Tripod, Shooting support bag/s, Smart Phone or Ballistic Solver, 2 Point Sling, Note taking gear

-Weather Appropriate Clothing/Gloves (Cold/Rain/Mud/Heat)

Other Gear Considerations:

-Knee Pads,​ Shooting Mat,​ Barricade Support Bags

-Chest or Belt Rig for Additional Magazines

-Gun Cleaning Kit,​ Gun/Optic Tools

-Batteries for Scope/Off-set RDS,​ Batteries for Ear Pro

You may be more comfortable with:

-Sun Block,​ Chapstick,​ Insect Repellent,​ Cooler with drinks

-Camp Chair/Stool

​ Please bring Lunch and snacks as you may need. We will be on the range all day. There will be plenty of opportunities​ to eat, but not to leave for food.​



Private Location
TX United States + Google Map