Cost: Varies between group, private and corporate rates.

Gear Needed: None!  We provide everything!

Live-fire, force-on-force, scenario-based training in the East Texas area. We choose Simunition® as the next step in real life force-on-force scenario training.  Nobody else in our area offers this type of realistic, live-fire training.  It doesn’t get any more real than this!

Scenario-based crisis training has long been proven to be the best and most realistic training style available to students anywhere.  It pitts you against YOURSELF!   You find out what works and what doesn’t and why.  We pick things that we feel are important for you to know and practice, train you and retrain you, then place you in another training scenario.

At FDT We introduce the proper physiological and psychological effects in order to increase the realism of the training. Take part in the adrenalin, the physiological effects of adrenalin overload, get pumped up, experience fear, auditory exclusion, tunnel vision as you are thrust into the heart of real life scenarios against real live assailants that mean to do you harm!  We arm you with the tools and training you need to prevail.  You’ll not experience training like this on a range with paper targets.


Reality based non lethal self defense training to prepare the student for muggings, car jackings, purse snatching, attempted kidnappings, and more. Every student is different therefore every scenario and training can be catered to their indivdual or group needs. The course takes each student through a series of reality based simple skill sets then allows them to apply on a instructor or isntructors with protective gear. Classes may include hands on self defense, kubaton training, pepper spray/mace training, stun gun, and any other self defense tools out there when a firearm is not a option. We schedule open group training as well as private courses for individuals, groups, and corporate settings.

WOMEN/CHILDREN ONLY CLASSES AVAILABLE, Contact us for details and pricing.