Are you seeking training or consulting for your church leadership, security team, greeters, ushers, staff, employees, volunteers or parking attendants? We have a full spectrum of training courses that can be customized with various timelines and training objectives suitable for church demographics and desired capabilities. There is no limitation of what we are capable to teach and bring to the table.


  • On Site Threat Assessments & Consultation
  • Standard Operating Procedures & Protocol Construction
  • Emergency Response Team Implementation
  • Active Threat Response
  • Live Fire & Force On Force Scenario Training
  • Use of Force Continuum & De-escalation Tactics
  • 3rd Party Protection Training
  • Tactical Emergency Medicine




Contact us today for a quote on your desired level and we can get you on track to a more secure and prepared facility. Training and consultation can be conducted at your facility or ours. If references are desired we have national and international church and ministry clients we can get you in touch with.