Armed Texans Range 369 CR 2784, Mineola, TX

Training covers all necessary requirements to qualify the student to apply for the Texas Carry License. Legal discussion, written exam, and shooting proficiency all conducted in a 5-6 hour course on the same location . Requirements: handgun of at least... (READ MORE)

BEGINNER HANDGUN – Fundamentals With Confidence

Armed Texans Range 369 CR 2784, Mineola, TX

Before the license, post license or purchasing that new gun, learn the proper fundamentals. Learn correct methodology and the how and “why” of fundamentals of handling and operating the gun. The course is designed for new and semi seasoned students... (READ MORE)

Tactical Medicine – Private Group

Private Location TX

Private Group Course                               A course training born out of the Tactical and Wilderness Medicine communities when supplies and resources are limited whether it be from... (READ MORE)