Course can be privately booked for individuals, groups or team building events, or check our calendar for open enrollment courses to join! Can be customized to any age, ability or group size.

Learn to adapt, improvise and thrive in the bush…making the wilderness your home.

The Basic Wild Survival Skills course is the first step in learning survival skills that includes various climates, terrain and obstacles. This course is designed to provide a challenging experience so that students can learn survival skills from highly experienced instructors. Students will build  “survival mindset” to overcome obstacles that can be used in any part of life.

Class starts with a gear shakedown then immediately transfer into survival priorities.

Shelter, navigation, water, fire, food, survival knots, protection, medical and rescue/evacuation are just some of the topics covered in the course. Equipment list will be given on course scheduling and no prior experience required to join.


Takes the bush craft skills learned in the Basic Survival course and puts the students into a elevated survival situation . Advanced skills sets will be taught and incorporating others such as extreme weather, critical thinking and evasion skill sets. Students will need to pass a prescreen before attending.


When things turn bad, citizens need to know how to not only stay alive in urban areas but thrive. Based on military SERE principles students will train on a craft that has proven to work INCONUS and Out. If you travel overseas, high risk areas or  looking to prepare for a catastrophic event, this course is for you.

Whether its moving as single unit or a entire group our experienced  instructors will train you on principles that keep you and others alive.

Due to the ever changing nature of this course, the actual training outline will be given upon scheduling. Climate, area, time of day, and imminent threats all play a factor in the real time course. To give a basic overview, students will be trained on, but not limited to, movement and evasion, environmental control , surveillance, priorities of survival, threat engagement , preparation and SERE kit, canine evasion, mission planning and more.

Stay tuned for a scheduled course or book one for yourself or your group today!