Consulting & Training

Cost: Contact us for pricing and availability.
Our team of trained and experienced security and asset protection professionals will conduct a onsite vulnerability assessment and help design and implement strategic plans for violence and emergencies of all types in the workplace.

You will not find a more thorough and professional group to train your staff and employees.


Cost: Small and large group pricing available, contact us for details.
Our team of professionals will conduct on site physical defense training regarding the national standard of Avoid/Deny/Defend. We will first take students through the Avoidance of an active threat – Situational Awareness, Strategic Pre-Planning and Setting up for Success to survive an active threat and reduce the liability of mass casualty.

We will also cover 911 procedures and how to interact with Law Enforcement when they arrive and what a client needs to prepare for.


Cost: Depends on the size of the class and travel time if we come to you…as always we will work with budgets and time constraints.

Class Length: Averages 3.5 to 4 days

Location: We prefer to conduct the classroom and scenario at your location or campus to better prepare the students if possible but we do have facilities of our own. Live fire exercises will be performed on our ranges or affiliates in the area.

The SS certification course is a new program the Department of Public Safety has created to decrease liability on a school campus and further ensure the safety of the campus and students.

Ray Barron (Lead Instructor)​ is one of the original 12 instructors from around the state authorized to teach and instruct the course for education facilities. The core topics instructed as required by the Texas Department of Public Safety (D.P.S.) are:

  • Protection of Students and Campus.
  • Interaction of SSC holders with Law Enforcement.
  • Tactics for denying an intruder entry into a classroom or school facility-Avoid/Deny/Defend.
  • Methods for increasing a license holder’s accuracy with a handgun while under duress.
  • Physiological changes that happen to the human body under duress.
  • Scenario Based training utilizing state of the art training tactics and equipment.
  • And much more to help prepare and reduce the liability of your campus.

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a Texas D.P.S. Proof of Training Form.  Completed courses will be then filed with Texas Department of Public Safety as a part of their License to Carry in accordance with Texas Government Code 411.1901.

Out of over 4000 certified LTC instructors, we are among the very few certified to instruct and train educators to carry firearms on campus with a actual state certification and base standard.  We are the ONLY people who bring personalized training and military/law enforcement grade simulation training using non-lethal ammunition. Before certifying, we will put your employees through real life scenarios using experienced role players. This is the same training military, special operations, law enforcement and other first responders utilize to prepare for the worst and we believe you should do the same.