Fundamental Carbine – AR15 Operation with Confidence

Armed Texans Range 369 CR 2784, Mineola, TX

Course taught by special operations and combat veterans with extensive experience utilizing the AR platform in warfare and high risk protection.   As AR15 owners continue to rise in numbers the acquiring of proper fundamentals is not. We see many... (READ MORE)

Protective Handgun 1 – You Are The Response

Armed Texans Range 369 CR 2784, Mineola, TX

Threats and Dangers are everywhere in today's culture. It doesnt take long after turning on the TV or social media and realize everyday real dangers and predators are all around us. We are advocates of citizens carrying guns for their... (READ MORE)

Texas School Guardian Certification- Armed Response

Armed Texans Range 369 CR 2784, Mineola, TX

Texas DPS certification program for School Staff regarding Armed Active Shooter Response on School Campuses. This is the actual Gusrdian Certification course recognized by the State of Texas. Classroom - Range Training - Scenario Based Force on Force - Medical... (READ MORE)

Shoot/Move/Communicate – Carbine Training

Private Venue 6767 FM 2204, Kilgore, TX

Course designed only for students that have completed Patrol Rifle , Our Fundamental  Carbine/Positional Carbine or comparable Carbine courses from a reputable experienced trainer. Students will work through the fundamentals of short and long movement to engaging targets. Designed  to... (READ MORE)