Unarmed Personal Protection


Reality based non-lethal self defense training in combatives to prepare the student for assaults, sexual assaults, muggings, car jackings, purse snatching, attempted kidnappings, and more. Every student is different, therefore every scenario and training can be catered to their individual or group needs. The course takes each student through a series of reality based simple skill sets then allows them to apply on an instructor, or instructors, with protective gear. Classes may include hands on self defense, weapons of opportunity, kubaton training, pepper spray and mace training, stun gun and any other self defense tools out there when a firearm is not an option. We schedule open group training as well as private courses for individuals, groups and corporate settings. Contact us for details and pricing for group or private scheduling. Pricing varies depending on size of group ,time and options.


Class Length: 2 – 4 Hours
Cost: $50 a hour up to 2 people Group Rate Available for more than 2

Minimum 2 hours each session

**Group rates available for any training – we just need the amount of people and time estimated to train.

Church or Ladies groups , men’s groups , businesses, organizations or LEO/Private Contractors looking to further their skillsets.