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Bushcraft 101 – Wilderness Survival Skills Private

January 22


Join Ray and Doc for a day training on the Bushcraft Skills based around Wilderness Survival . Our instructors will guide you through the essentials for basic bushcraft around the 4 main priorities of survival.

*Hatchet and Bush Knife Use

*Knots and Tie offs

*Primitive Shelter Construction

*Water Purification methods and gathering

*Fire Construction and Starting Methods for Heat vs Cooking


Students have the option to stay overnight and  join a basic Night Land Navigation Course .

Each student is responsible for bringing their own food ,water and gear for overnight use and kids are allowed with a guardian 18 and over.

Gear needed for day time course – fixed blade knife, hatchet if you have it ,100 feet of paracord, metal water collection cup or bowl.


A Night Land Nav Course is a additional option if desired  .Students will need a compass, handheld light and headlamp ,good walking shoes for the woods ,water,small backpack.





Private – Tyler Area